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Advice for Mocks/Pres


It’s been a while since we posted on our Blog 😅

So, we are back with one filled with our top tips for Mocks/Pres. Read on to maximise your marks in the upcoming exams 💪

Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

1. Practice past exam papers

You should familiarise yourself with the format and types of questions that will be on the exam by working through past papers. Practice exam timings and know the areas worth the most amount of marks to study these first.

You will find information about the layout of the exams as well as any adjustments made in 2023 by clicking on the links below:

Leaving Cert Higher Level

Leaving Cert Ordinary Level

Junior Cycle

2. Review grammar and vocabulary

Make sure you have a solid understanding of German grammar and have a wide range of vocabulary to use in your answers. Create flashcards or use mnemonics to help you remember vocabulary and grammar rules

You will find a list of common grammar and vocabulary themes by reading about our Guides via the links below:

Leaving Cert Grammar

Leaving Cert Vocabulary

Junior Cycle Grammar

Junior Cycle Vocabulary

3. Revisit past exam corrections

Past exams you completed act as a good way for you to identify areas that you are doing well in but also areas where you might make recurring mistakes. Take out your old class tests and learn from the mistakes you made. Prioritise studying your weakest areas first.

4. Use online tools to help you

There are many online resources available, such as language learning apps and websites, that can help you improve and practice your German ahead of the exams. Of course, our website has many useful resources including our Grammar quizzes, but we have also written a separate blog blog on other external resources which might help.

You can read that blog post by clicking the link below:

Online German Resources

Moin moin! You may not be in school right now, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t continue to learn. In this post, we deal with free online resources for learning German to help you during this time. Click on the interactive links to be taken straight to the resources. We have included some of our favourite for you below!…

Keep reading

5. Stay motivated

Remind yourself of the reasons why you are studying for the Leaving Certificate and focus on the benefits it will bring in the future. Believe in yourself and your abilities, stay positive and do not give up.

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Wishing you ‘Viel Glück’ in your Mock exams! Remember they are used as a measure for you to identify items you are performing well in and areas that might need more attention ahead of the final exams in June! Reach out to us as always with any questions you might have via our socials or by email.

Bis bald!

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