Angewandte Grammatik

Marks Going25 marks
Percentage of Final Grade6.25%
Timing10 minutes

This section of the exam comes after Reading Text I. Some students opt here for guessing the answers, but top students will ensure to pay special attention to German Grammar. This section may be only worth a small amount, but your Grammar will be assessed elsewhere in the oral and written elements and is worth much more than 6.25% as a result. At the beginning, it may seem challenging to get your head around all the Grammar required, but our comprehensive Leaving Cert German Grammar Guide has all you need for exam success.

Revise all grammar sections in preparation for the exam. Place a particular emphasis on the cases, prepositions and tenses. If there is a table or certain rules, write it down on the exam paper. There is always a Genitive example on the paper (where applicable). Practice past papers and Grammar exercises regularly. As the old German saying goes, “Übung macht den Meister”.

Topics that have appeared in the Leaving Cert HL Applied Grammar section:

  • The Cases, Articles and Prepositions
  • Relative Pronouns
  • Verb Tenses
  • Adjective Endings
  • Question Words
  • Reported speech (Konjunktiv I)
  • Personal and Possessive Pronouns

Get your hands on our Higher Level Angewandte Grammatik Guide that includes excellent exam technique tips and detailed guided solutions to past exam questions in all areas listed above.

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