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5 Tips for Learning a Foreign Language:

#1 Speak: Whether you talk to yourself in the target language or find a tandem partner, a language is meant to be spoken!

#2 Expose yourself: Listen to, read and write in the target language as much as possible. Watch native TV, read a book, listen to a podcast or write a letter or email to somebody who speaks the language.

#3 Make mistakes: The only way you will improve your language knowledge is by making mistakes and learning from them. Try not to worry about being perfect, especially from the start. Übung macht den Meister!

#4 Bring the language to you: Going on an exchange or traveling is not an option for everybody. Switch your phone’s language, label things in your home in the target language, watch a film or read an article online.

#5 Have fun: Although you may only be learning a language because you are required to, try to have fun with it by thinking of new ways of engaging yourself such as by writing a poem, listening to music, going to events or if possible by traveling to places where the language is spoken.


German idiom 1
German idiom 2