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Marks Going15 marks
Percentage of Final Grade3.75%
Timing15 minutes

In this section, students are required to either (a) write a guided dialogue based on Reading Text II or (b) compose an email following on from a general theme in Text II. It is advised that you write 25-30 words in total in any case.

For the dialogue, it is important that you answer the questions that are given using the information in Text II. Therefore, you need to fully understand this text before answering this option. Make use of the German in the question and reading text to help you answer.

For the email, you will be given bullet points to follow and must write your sentences based on these.

This section is marked out of 15 and this is broken down into Content (8 marks) and Expression (7 marks). To get full marks in content, answer all the questions asked in enough detail. Your Expression mark will be based on your accuracy in terms of grammar (word order, tense usage, verb endings, capital letters, cases etc.) as well as spelling and vocabulary. You will be able to boost your marks for Expression by ensuring these elements are to a high standard and that you use appropriate, idiomatic German.

Sample Answer – 2019 Paper (b)

AN:                  verwaltung@gesamtschule‐aachen.de

BETREFF:         Begleiter/in für Herausforderung 2019

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

ich heiße John Reilly. Ich komme aus Irland. Ich bin über achtzehn Jahre alt. Ich bin sehr sportlich und freundlich und ein guter Schwimmer. Ich habe vorher mit Jugendgruppen gearbeitet und habe selbst eine Herausforderung gemacht. Wie alt sind die Jugendlichen? Wie viele Mädchen und Jungen gibt es?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

John Reilly

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