5 Top Tips for Back to School

Hallo zusammen!

Welcome back to a new school year and to our blog, we missed you! Starting back at school can be daunting and due to the current situation you might be feeling particularly anxious about your return. We have compiled our Top 5 Tips to help you this September. Los geht’s!

Tip 1: Get organised

The first thing you should do at the start of the new school year is organise yourself. Get your school bag ready the night before with everything you need for the next day already inside so you have a relaxed start to your mornings. It is also important that you have a decent study space set up with everything you need: stationary, notes, folders, books etc. Ensure you have a decent size table with adequate light in the room. Make sure you have a comfortable, upright chair so you can get straight into things from the outset.

Tip 2: Make a study plan

Making a study plan is the best way to organise your learning. Write down the tasks you are assigned by your teachers, the study you want to do and between what times you will do this at. Set your goals for the year. Be sure to factor in time for study breaks to refuel also. This will help you keep focused. Download our Free Weekly Study Plan Template to help you in making your study plan.

Tip 3: Get into a routine

Getting yourself into a routine will help you stay focused and make planning much easier. Set an alarm for the same time each morning during the week. It is very important that you go to bed at a time that allows you to gain enough sleep so that you are well-rested going into the next day. Don’t study in your bed! You want your brain to be able to distinguish between study and sleep. Plan your days to include the time you will wake up at, what you will do (school, homework, study, hobbies, self-care), and when you will go to bed.

Tip 4: Start small

In order to ease yourself back into school life, start with small amounts of work and add to this as the school term goes on. For example, you could spend the first couples of weeks simply completing your assigned homework and quickly going over what you covered in class. As exams approach, you can build on this to allow more time to study the material in greater detail and to complete past exam papers.  

Tip 5: Take time out for you

The most important thing in life is your health, so it is crucial that you prevent burnout by not overworking yourself. Take time to yourself to practice self-care. This may consist of an evening off to watch your favourite Netflix series, talking a long bath, going for a walk, meeting some friends at the weekend or whatever helps you relax and take time away from school work. You will feel refreshed after doing so. If you are feeling particularly stressed, it is a good idea to talk to friends and family. Remember, constantly checking up on what other people are doing and comparing yourself to this will do you no good, so focus on what is best for you!

We hope that you found these tips useful as you return to school. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions for the year please get in touch with us, and be sure to stay up to date with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for our latest content. You can also subscribe to our blog below to get new posts delivered straight to your inbox!

Viel Erfolg im neuen Schuljahr!

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